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graphomate wishes you a Merry Christmas

We look back on an eventful year, full of fun and a lot of new developments. This summer, SAP Lumira 2.0 appeared with a new coat of paint and two “finishes”: Designer and Discovery. Earlyweiterlesen


graphomate slopegraphs for SAP Lumira Designer

We are pleased to introduce our graphomate slopegraphs extension for SAP Lumira Designer and would like to show how it can be applied.

Slopegraphs were first introduced by Edward Tufte in his book “The Visualweiterlesen


Meet our flipping tiles!

With the upcoming release of our graphomate tiles 1.5.x.x, we thought it might be worthwhile to shed some light on the features and overall design concept.

The graphomate tile component allows you to quickly arrangeweiterlesen

Tim & Daniel

More than just shimmering bubbles

Once again, we sat down at the workbench to craft a new component. The result are the graphomate bubbles – a visualization component für SAP Design Studio, which can display either a scatter plot orweiterlesen


graphomate twitters in Design Studio

While the popularity of social networks was increasing extremely over the last decade, companies decided to use them as a platform to advertise their products. There are many techniques for analyzing how the users consumeweiterlesen


Some news on our graphomate bullet graphs

Some time ago, we presented the graphomate bullet graphs extension for SAP Design Studio. Bullet graphs – originally  designed by Stephen Few – are a more comprehensive alternative to gauges when it comes to visualizing data. In early March this year, Rolf Hichert and Jürgen Faisst suggested a few improvements, of which we naturally took the opportunity to incorporate into our extension…weiterlesen