About us

We are a software provider based in Kiel and founded in 2010. Our goal: provide decision-makers with meaningful visualizations which support the decision-making process clearly and definitely.

Always true to the motto: information instead of decoration.

Our products focus on the rules of good information design according to International Business Communication Standards (IBCS). graphomate focuses on the development of visualization solutions for SAP Analytics, Power BI, Excel and Tableau.

We believe in teamwork. Our products are created in constant exchange with each other. The resulting discussions are tough, but we are confident that this process is an essential factor in the high quality of our products.
We love Information Design…

Our team

Alexander Widdecke

Support & Vertrieb

Alex is our jack of all trades in the best sense of the word.

He looks after our support desk and is the first point of contact for customers with questions and problems.

Johannes Lentzsch

Software Development

As a computer science student at Kiel University, Johannes supports our development team with fresh ideas. After all, our Data-Schorsch was also born from his labours. An important side effect: Goofy and NPC are no longer strangers!

Moritz Lehnert

Software Development

With Moritz as a stipendiary of Computer Science at the University of Kiel we are very happy to have a highly motivated VR enthusiast on board.

Jan Mattis Häbry

Software Development

For Jan, Java is not just an island. Even if he would definitely take his Sheltie with him. But he doesn’t have to, because Yinto has now become a real office dog and Jan is an expert in visualization.

Susanne Tilgner

Assistant & Sales

Susanne is an organisational specialist and cool as a cucumber. She manages our at times very energetic office life with excellence… while always keeping a smile on her face.

Daniel Molkentin

Software Development

Daniel prefers large monitors and is constantly working on optimising “his” comments – with success! As a walking encyclopaedia, he also amazes us graphomates time and again with curious knowledge from around the world.

Tim Schauder

Software Development

Tim is always on top of things structurally, and to make sure nothing is forgotten, he writes down all his ideas and findings on the mega-wall whiteboard in his office. Like everything else, of course, he has made or built it himself.

Lars Schubert


Lars is our “head of everything” and does things that nobody else likes. Painting slides and giving presentations are his passion. He also ponders strategy and visualization.


Software Development

If you want to work with us, just write an email.