SAP Web Intelligence

Available graphomate products for SAP Web Intelligence

SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence (WebI) is one of the most popular SAP front end tools in the on-premises environment for a number of reasons. WebI

  • connects to many data sources easily,
  • lets you create reports quickly,
  • allows a scheduled and parameterized distribution of reports.

and our graphomate tables

Fully integrated: graphomate for Web Intelligence

The constant demand from our customers to map the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS) in WebI prompted us to release the graphomate charts, graphomate tables and graphomate bubbles for this reporting tool in 2017.

graphomate extensions can be inserted into a WebI report as a so-called custom element. These custom elements support the use of variables, respond to input controls and can be exported in a PDF document.

Report in Web Intelligence with graphomate charts

Web Intelligence is the “Swiss army knife” of SAP BI tools. It has a large group of followers, and we are very happy that it (like SAP Lumira Designer) will be further developed and maintained until the end of 2029 as part of SAP BusinessObjects BI 2025.

Web Intelligence in a nutshell

WebI is connected to databases via so-called universes, among other things. Universes are metadata layers that can be used to maintain data links and identifiers that are understandable for report recipients. The original data is stored in the source systems and only retrieved when required.

Data from different sources (for example SAP Business Warehouse, SAP HANA, OLAP, relational databases, BEx queries) can easily be linked and analyzed with WebI. It is irrelevant for end users where the data is located as queries and calculations can be triggered directly via SQL. The results are visualized in reports using WebI on-board means.

The distribution of the results can be implemented in several ways: via email, as a PDF on the Business Intelligence Platform (BIP) or as an Excel file. Updated reports can be distributed to designated recipients at regularly scheduled intervals using roles and parameters.

SAP BusinessObjects BI 2025

In October 2023, SAP announced in this Statement of Direction that there will be a successor to SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3, which will be supported on both Windows and Linux platforms. The first release of SAP BusinessObjects BI 2025 is planned for Q4 of 2024 and is expected to be maintained until at least the end of 2029.

The use of SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, Single Source .unx Universes, SAP Crystal Reports, SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office, SAP Lumira Designer and the SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform is therefore guaranteed for the next five years.