SAP UI5/Fiori

Available graphomate products for SAP UI5/Fiori

SAP Fiori is the current design concept for on-premise and cloud applications for building user interfaces of SAP applications. It creates a uniform, role-specific and intuitive user experience across different enterprise applications. SAP Fiori is therefore less a technology than a design paradigm. It follows the principle of “Mobile First”.

So-called Fiori apps technologically implement the design guidelines of SAP Fiori. They can be used independently of the respective end devices. The interface or “homepage” for these Fiori apps is the Fiori Launchpad. In addition, Fiori apps can also be developed for Apple’s IOS.

Easy to integrate: graphomate extensions for SAP UI5

The underlying interface technology is SAP UI5. SAP’s goal is to position SAP UI5 as the only UI framework in the future. It will therefore not only be used for Fiori apps, but more generally for applications based on web standards such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3.

Thereby our graphomate extensions for SAP UI5 can be easily integrated into SAP. With our graphomate extensions you can develop IBCS compliant Fiori-Apps or even dashboards directly with the SAP Web IDE for S/4 HANA or SAP BW.

graphomate extensions for SAP UI5 can be easily integrated into SAP.
SAP Fiori mobile, on a tablet and on a desktop computer (graphic: graphomate)

SAP Fiori is structured and visualises in real time

The first version of SAP Fiori was released in 2013. With the release of SAP Fiori 2.0 in 2015, many new features were added. By the way, this version was honoured with the RedDot Design Award. It allows information from the various business and analytics applications to be displayed and visualised in real time. Users now receive even more information at one glance while still maintaining an overview.

With SAP Fiori 3.0, the colour design was also further streamlined. The new reserved design brings the content into focus.

SAP now provides Fiori apps for almost all applications. You can find them in the SAP Fiori Apps Reference Library. Here, Fiori apps are divided into three categories:

  • factsheet apps provide a graphical overview of defined measures
  • analytical apps are used for control and thus for information supply
  • transactional apps, similar to SAP transactions, enable the collection and processing of data

These Fiori apps, predefined by SAP, can be adapted to your own needs. They can also be developed from scratch. Here, the already mentioned SAP UI5 framework is used.

SAP UI5 is a JavaScript library – similar to JQuery UI. It comes with predefined control elements and allows the integration of further 3rd party libraries such as graphomate extensions. SAP UI5 can be used for both on-premise apps and cloud development. SAP UI5 is delivered with SAP products and does not require an additional license.

The web-based SAP Application Studio – aka Web IDE – is recommended as the development environment. SAP also relies on an open web standard for data connection for Fiori apps: OData can be used for data access.

The advantages of SAP Fiori at a glance

In the past, the design of SAP applications´ interface focused on software functions. With SAP Fiori, SAP is making a clear shift towards more user centricity:

  • higher employee satisfaction through uniform visualisation
  • quick implementation and easier customisation
  • lower costs through standardisation
  • SAP applications can be used on all end devices
  • robust framework that is continuously developed by SAP

SAP Fiori simplifies the use of SAP software and does not burden users with overloaded, functionally-oriented (form) design – We like that.

You want to try our graphomate extensions for SAP UI5? With pleasure! Feel free to contact us and we will provide you with a demo version without any obligation.