It’s time for Easter Eggs – Tetris for everbody

There is a long tradition of developers “hiding” small features in their code that will be executed when you click on something supposedly not important or when you reach a game level.

The film “Ready Player One” is even explicitly about the search for three of these so-called “Easter Eggs” in a virtual world. And Steven Spielberg is rumoured to have hidden 82 references to pop culture in the film – also a form of Easter Egg.

We thought we’d give our customers the chance to make their own little Easter Egg for Easter.

You can find the classic game “Tetris” – we call it graphomate blocks – to download and use in your BI tool. Whether SAP Lumira Designer, SAP Analytics Cloud, Power BI or Tableau. Simply download and integrate, or better … hide it 🙂

Happy Easter

graphomate Team


This file is licenced under the Creative Commons-Licence.