Licences graphomate suite

4 extensions – one package for meaningful visualization

The price for our licenses is based on the number of users. Recipients or designers of an application are counted as users. The number of users is counted per BI front end tool.

Get the graphomate suite with 4 components for the BI front-end tools we support and for Microsoft 365.

25 User
8 €
per user and month

96 € per
user and year

2.400 € per
25 user and year

100 User
4 €
per user and month

48 €  per
user and year

4.800 € per
100 user and year

400 User
2 €
per user and month

24 € per
user and year

9.600 € per
400 user and year


We calculate your company license


more benefits

  • support and maintenance included
  • annual release
  • comprehensive documentation
  • automatic renewal of licenses
  • our terms and conditions

graphomate extensions for Power BI:

Our graphomate charts, matrix, bubbles and pictograms for Power BI are available exclusively at Microsoft AppSource.

Profit from the quantity discount by adding up the number of users of all required environments.


  • Department 1 needs 50 licences for SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Department 2 needs 25 licences for Microsoft MS365 and 25 licences for Tableau

Accordingly, you need a total of 100 licenses.

just a hint:

For Power BI Desktop and Tableau Desktop, the graphomate suite is available for free.

Get the graphomate suite with 4 extensions for the BI front end tools we support:

Just Try it out

With our trial version you can get a comprehensive idea of the range of functions of our extensions within the testing period. With us, the demo version becomes your extension, so all your settings and inputs are available even after a trial version expires.