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I prefer calculating

Pie charts are a popular target for many supposed visualization experts. And that is how it should be! However, this guest post by Manuel Sedlak sheds some new light on the pie chart.

In literature pie charts areweiterlesen


graphomate Christmas treemaps for free

Christmas is coming and we do look forward to a peaceful time, family and the Christmas tree. Gifts play a certain role and we do not want to come second: during Christmas season, our graphomateweiterlesen


From gauges to bullet graphs

Speedometer or gauges are still often used in dashboards to display Key Performance Indicators (KPI). But gauges use lots of space and are not very informative. The graphomate bullet graphs therefore offer an alternative for SAPweiterlesen


“No one has the intention to build a table…”

Finally: After the graphomate charts I am looking forward to present our next add-on for Design Studio: the graphomate tables.

Yet another table component for Design Studio? Yes: From an analytical perspective, the standard crosstabweiterlesen


Design Studio: CubeServ offers commentary solution

Meaningful visualizations are important! But, however, messages and commentaries of the figures are also of high importance for understanding the company’s current situation. Our partner CubeServ now provides a commentary solution for Design Studio.

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