Microsoft 365

These graphomate products are available for Microsoft 365

In business, the use of Microsoft products is omnipresent: Excel and PowerPoint are indispensable. The switch to MS365 opens up even more collaboration options – both on the web and on the desktop. However, the technology underlying MS365 also opened up new possibilities for us: In the future, we will be able to offer the graphomate suite completely for MS365.

Use our graphomate charts and graphomate matrix in Excel from now and embed your diagrams in PowerPoint slides. Configure the visuals as you know it from other BI frontend tools.

Uniform reporting according to IBCS

Our extensions smooth the last 20% to visualize your reporting according to the IBCS. Reduce repetitive steps of report creation and use the embedding functionality of our extensions instead. If the data situation changes, for example at the beginning of the month, update the graphs with a few clicks, respectively your presentation and reports.

graphomate add ins in Excel

graphomate in Excel und PowerPoint

Create your IBCS charts and tables based on Excel data directly in Microsoft Excel. You use the same user interface as you know from the other BI environments we support – SAC, Power BI, Tableau. The range of functions is also identical.

You can easily integrate the created visualizations into PowerPoint and update them with new values as needed. The interactive features such as expanding and collapsing hierarchy levels of the graphomate matrix can be used in PowerPoint without restrictions.

Embedding the graphomate visual from Excel to PowerPoint using the linking feature among office

Visualization of your OLAP data in Excel with graphomate

Use Excel as a frontend tool for your data analysis – e.g. via the SAC Add-In for MS365, Analysis for Office, TM1 or others. Of course, you can also easily integrate this data with our graphomate charts and graphomate matrix to quickly produce IBCS-compliant visualizations – in graphomate matrix even with sparklines and sparkbars.