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IBCS compliant reporting provides added value for your company

With the graphomate charts, tables and tiles, almost all IBCS report requirements can be implemented. However, special presentations are also necessary. For this, we offer a whole series of further extensions in order to present special visualizations in a meaningful and comprehensible manner.

Let the graphomate extensions convince you – it is so easy to use.

Good information design
Unified visual language
Implementation of HICHERT®IBCS
SAP Application Development Partner
Regular updates
Qualitive support

Overview - graphomate extensions for SAP Lumira Designer and Microsoft Excel

Our Extensions

Our add-ons help you to visualize and understand your data, so that you easily find the answers to your questions. By now, we have published several extensions which can be used in various SAP software tools and Microsoft Office to make your data visually more meaningful.

Select one of the following three options or have a look at all our extensions at a glance.

Extensions for SAP Lumira Designer

Extensions for SAP Lumira Designer

Our portfolio for SAP Lumira Designer is remarkable: currently we have published eleven extensions. Our extensions are fully integrated into SAP Lumira Designer and of course support SAP Lumira Designer’s script language.

Extensions for SAP Web Intelligence

Extensions for SAP Web Intelligence

We currently offer 3 extensions for SAP Web Intelligence. Our extensions are fully integrated into SAP Web Intelligence and can be configured in detail using custom objects properties.

Extensions für Microsoft Excel

Extensions für Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is one of the most used tools for fast data input, reporting and analytics. That’s why we developed our graphomate charts for Microsoft Excel, adding 12 new charts to Excel, which can also be used with SAP Analysis for Office.

Our customers love our extensions

Certified Extensions

Proven quality

As SAP Application Development Partner we work closely together with SAP since 2011, in order to give our products the final technical polish.

Our graphomate charts add-on meets all requirements of good information design and is therefore certified by both SAP and the IBCS Association. The add-on can be used either in Design Studio or SAP Lumira or Microsoft Excel.

“The presentation showed clearly that graphomate was specifically designed to create IBCS® compliant reports. The speed of producing completely new charts and the flexibility applying various analyses – in seconds, not minutes – was amazing.”

Dr. Rolf Hichert
Member of the certification team







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