Tips for Perfect Dashboards – An Interview

Dashboards offer great business value, as long as they are properly designed and used. Careful planning is as well a part of this process as experience in how the recipients use the dashboard.

In an interview with Anja Kaup from Infocient Consulting GmbH, I shared a few tricks and tips on how companies can make the most of their dashboard investments.

The following questions will be answered:

  • What is the biggest mistake that can be observed in many companies’ dashboards?
  • How can the introduction and acceptance of a newly developed dashboard be promoted?
  • How much detail should a dashboard contain? Should there be many free elements to choose from or should users be strictly guided?
  • How much effort should companies put into the perfect look of dashboards compared to other components?
  • Is there an outstanding example of a successful dashboard project?

If you are interested in the questions and answers, you are welcome to read the detailed interview (in German language) in the blog at Infocient: Interview: Tipps für perfekte Dashboards.

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