graphomate charts and bubbles for Discovery 2.0 Release

Last summer we successfully released Lumira Discovery 2.0. Since the previous extensions were not compatible for Lumira 1.x, we decided to implement two of our well-known extensions for Lumira 2.0: graphomate charts and graphomate bubbles. Our new extensions take full advantage of the SDK in terms of integrating into the environment as well as quickly creating visualizations

The graphomate bubbles for Discovery allow you to visualize data points in a scatter plot and to adjust extensive styling and formatting settings. Furthermore, a bubble chart with up to 5 dimensions can be created representing proportions and deviations.

The graphomate charts for Discovery can be used to create meaningful IBCS charts in just a few steps. You can choose from 6 different chart types including waterfall, bar or stacked charts. Additionally, different representations of deviations, a datatype driven styling across charts as well as extensive formatting settings are included.

If you wish to try our new extensions for yourself, please request free trial versions via email: or use our contact form.

Tim & Daniel


This file is licenced under the Creative Commons-Licence.