graphomate charts and tables for UI5

The UI Development Toolkit for HTML5 (SAPUI5 or UI5) is SAP’s HTML5 framework that helps software developers to create user interfaces and to visualize data. UI5 is increasingly used in SAP tools: for example in Digital BoardroomFIORI Launchpad or the Analytics Cloud. Furthermore, the framework has a large and active developer community.

That’s why we also offer our well-known graphomate charts and graphomate tables as UI5 extensions. You can choose from 12 meaningful chart types and create clearly structured tables. Deviation axes for planned/actual data representations can be added to both extensions. Beyond, it is possible to visualize IBCS as well as self-defined reporting standards. By using our new UI5 extensions you can enhance your web applications and business reports with meaningful visualizations or develop complete web dashboards.

Since UI5 ​​is not an end-user tool, it requires good skills in JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Developers, who have already worked with UI5, are able to create diagrams and tables very quickly because our extensions are optimally integrated and offer the same interfaces as the standard components. If needed, developers can refer to our extensive documentation and the associated sample code.

We are happy to provide you with trial versions of our UI5 extensions (you can request them via our trial request formular) and we are curious to see how you will use them.

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