graphomate extensions for SAP Lumira 2.0 – next generation analytics

Mid of this year SAP will release it’s new product for data analytics, reporting and dashboarding called Lumira 2.0. I already wrote an article about the details couple of months ago.

Convergence of Lumira 1.x and DesignStudio 1.x into one (new) product

The new name will be Lumira 2.0. As SAP PartnerEdge build partner we had the chance to get an early ramp-up version to test and adjust our graphomate extensions to be ready to launch our components shortly after the release of Lumira 2.0.

The SDK to extend Lumira Designer (the new name for DesignStudio) hasn’t change dramatically so it was a straight forward process for us to re-use all our extensions. Even still in ramp-up Lumira Designer feels very solid, creating reports and dashboards is already very easy to do. Some new samples make it easy to build good end user navigation. Try out the new tab strip sample, also used as a basis in our short video.

All our graphomate extensions are running seamlessly in Lumira Designer, some minor settings need a little more testing but overall everything is already in a very good shape.

SAP Lumira Discovery

The second component Lumira Discovery addresses the departmental user who can create analytics on the fly and compile them into stories and re-use them later in Lumira Designer. The current SDK of Lumira Discovery is not yet the same as in Lumira Designer.

That said, our extensions for Lumira are not yet at the same level as for Lumira Designer. At graphomate we are looking forward to finalize our extensions for this new platform, to offer our customers standardized business communication according to IBCS.

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