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meaningful visualization in focus

The purpose of visualization is insight, not pictures.

Ben Shneiderman

Design Studio: CubeServ offers commentary solution

Meaningful visualizations are important! But, however, messages and commentaries of the figures are also of high importance for understanding the company’s current situation. Our partner CubeServ now provides a commentary solution for Design Studio.

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Events: the tortured shambler

September and October are the same every year: packed with events. I feel a bit like the “tortured shambler” from the picture above: way too long (overnight) train journey, many people in big convention centersweiterlesen


News: graphomate charts certified by SAP!

Our addon”graphomate charts” for SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio has been certified last week – we achieved this for SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards (Xcelsius) three years ago. 

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Vizualisation: the bikini chart

It is hot, real hot, so the bikini once more enjoys great popularity. A good time to take a closer look at the Bikini Chart.

A blog post on the eagereyes website from last year,weiterlesen


Visualization: depressive diagrams

This infographic taken from the German newspaper “Die Welt kompakt” did cause me some mental stress. It tries to explain who actually earns money with depressions – the pharmaceutical industry. Take a look at myweiterlesen