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The purpose of visualization is insight, not pictures.

Ben Shneiderman

Visualization: When colours make you blind

„Everything is so beautifully colorful here.“  German punk icon Nina Hagen sang this song at the end of the 70s and referred to color TV. Some producers of dashboards still try to comply with thisweiterlesen


Visualization: My breakfast in Spain

I had the pleasure to roam about Madrid last month as I was attending the SAP TechEd, trying to keep myself informed about the newest developments at SAP. My hotel only offered Spanish newspapers asweiterlesen


Simplify: Dashboards and Alcohol

It was pretty quiet here the last few months: too much going on, not enough spare time! That will change again. Now I am proud to announce the first guest post on this blog.weiterlesen


Visualization: Efficient Dashboard Design (1/2)

Donald MacCormick – long-time -Xcelsius aficionado at Business Objects and now Chief Product and Marketing Officer at antivia – has recently published an article about „Effective Visual Design” and its meaning for Dashboards. According toweiterlesen