Easter egg – graphomate blocks for Design Studio and Lumira 2.0

Easter Holidays are coming while the SAP is preparing to rebrand their software, again. This time they want to marry Lumira and Design Studio, where I would appropriately call it „throwing them into a blender“. (Will it blend?). As if that wouldn’t be enough news, the colors of SAP’s new Lumira suite branding look like they would serve as some nice easter egg coloring.

Speaking of easter eggs: The new logo of SAP’s BETA version of BusinessObjects Lumira (which is not in use anymore) inspired us to build a little gimmick. It is called graphomate blocks and comes as an extension for Design Studio 1.6 and Lumira Designer 2.0 that enables you to play Tetris… Yes, Tetris in your Design Studio dashboards… and suddenly the product policy of SAP is only the second weirdest thing you thought about today.

graphomate blocks is being controlled using the arrow keys of your keyboard. After you finished playing your highest score represents your skill level and from now on brings you respect and reputation among your colleagues.

We even prevent cheaters from exploiting the auto width functionality of the component that could be used to resize the canvas when more space is needed for placing the Tetris blocks. The game will not even load if its width or height is set to auto (Yes, we just sold you this bug as a feature :).

Let the games begin!

Have fun and enjoy your Easter Holidays

Kind Regards



This file is licenced under the Creative Commons-Licence.