Festive Creation of Legends

Christmas and its legends are right around the corner. A good time to give away our new legends: the graphomate legends.

Among others, Christmas legends revolve around immaculate conception, the road to Bethlehem, angels, and three kings. But there are a lot more mundane legends: no, the Chinese Wall cannot be seen from space, and no, Napoleon wasn’t small in statue. Also, you do not get stomach cramps if you go swimming after dinner. I was quite surprised that on his website Common MythConceptions, designer David McCandless analyzes worldwide legends and their meanings on the basis of the number of Google hits. Of course, the means of visualization (“bubbles”) is debatable. However, up to now I was convinced that giving oil into pasta water will prevent the pasta from sticking. Unfortunately also a legend …

At first glance, our new component for SAP Design Studio presents itself rather nondescript. In the past months, quite a lot of our customers expressed the wish to be able to use a legend in combination with our graphomate charts and tables. Especially an automated description of the used datatypes would be desirable. Up to now, this had to be realized with pictures and text fields, but this has come to an end: we have accepted this wish, and have developed a small Design Studio component that quickly and easily displays the desired legend. These are two examples which can be created with just a few clicks:

Legend entries in our graphomate legends can be either freely defined, or can be automatically generated on the basis of the graphomate data types. The possibility to change the legend component by script with so-called “wildcards” enables the graphmate legends to be used in far more contexts; using it to display a traffic light is absolutely possible … but cautiously, please.

We present the graphomate legends to all our customers and interested parties during the holiday season. Simply send an email with your contact information to sales@graphomate.com, and you’ll receive our legend component for SAP Design Studio at the start of the new year.

I wish you a Merry Christmas.


This file is licenced under the Creative Commons-Licence.