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graphomate trellis for SAP Lumira Designer - Ad-hoc analysis

In contrast to our previous componentes which aimed to enable designers to create meaningful dashboards, the graphomate trellis aims to be our advance into the world of ad hoc analysis and data exploration. While an informed designer is able to build up an effective starting configuration the real power lies in the possibilities the end user has in their own browsers.

Here they can drill down or filter every dimension however necessary to find the answer they are looking for. Looking at the data from different angles is only possible if you know which question to ask. So let you experts ask the right questions to get efficient results.

Feature Overview of graphomate trellis

Our trellis extension for SAP Lumira Designer offers a variety of features and options:

  • Additional Properties Sheet
  • Select scaling so that the space is optimally utilized
  • Scaling: minimum value and maximum value selectable
  • Label names can be individually selected
  • Scripting functionalities
  • Manually selectable series labels
  • External grid lines optionally displayable
  • Inner grid optional
  • Hover at runtime displays all labels
  • Formatted Data from data source

Want to try our extensions?

Our graphomate trellis extension is also available for evaluation. Use our contact form to specify which extensions you would like to try.

Our demo versions are limited in time, but without any technical limitation. So you can get a comprehensive picture.

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Online Documentation

Here you can find our comprehensive documentation for graphomate trellis for SAP BusinessObject. Please follow this online link.

Online Documentation graphomate trellis

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