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Informativ Hierarchies

graphomate treemaps for SAP Lumira Designer

A treemap is a visual method for displaying hierarchical data that uses nested rectangles to represent the branches of a tree diagram. Each rectangles has an area proportional to the amount of data it represents. Our graphomate treemap can be combined with a second value set to create a heat map. A heat map is a two-dimensional representation of data in which values are represented by colors. A simple heat map provides an immediate visual summary of information.

The graphomate treemaps visualize hierarchical structures as a set of nested rectangles. Ratios in size can be visualized clearly, because the area of the rectangles is proportional to the size of the data unit to be displayed.

graphomate treemaps - Overview

Functional overview - graphomate treemaps

Treemaps, developed by Ben Shneiderman, solve the specific problem to display a large number of hierarchical data in the smallest possible space, without wasting space. Our extension offers the following features:

  • Support for SAPUI5 / Foiri
  • Scripting functions for DataSource
  • Tooltips to display detailed information
  • Auto-Width calculations
  • Legend and title can be switched on / off independently of each other
  • Parameterizable sorting of the treemap
  • Formatted Data from data source
  • Scripting functionalities

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Our graphomate treemaps extension is also available for evaluation. Use our contact form to specify which extensions you would like to try.

Our demo versions are limited in time, but without any technical limitation. So you can get a comprehensive picture.

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Online Documentation

Here you can find our comprehensive documentation for our graphomate treemaps extension for SAP Lumira Designer. Please follow this online link.

Online documentation graphomate treemaps for SAP Lumira Designer

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