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Individuel Tiles for Dashboards and reports

graphomate tiles for SAP Lumira Designer - Individual Tiles for Your Dashboards

Many SAP Lumira Designer users would like a “landing page” as a starting screen for their dashboard application from which they can then branch into more detailed views.

With our graphomate tiles add-on, you can create individual tiles with just a few mouse clicks. Our modular approach allows you to arrange predefined tile modules – such as title, line, bar or KPI charts – according to your wishes in a selected layout. We have aligned ourselves with the design requirements of SAP Fiori – LAVA – so that you can expect a seamless user experience.

graphomate tiles for SAP Lumira Designer - Overview

Function overview - graphomate tiles

graphomate tiles is a modular system that allows users to assemble individual tile modules on a predefined layout. To enable end users to create a uniform design, we looked back on the great work of John Armitage: his design suggestions for analytical tiles were the benchmark for a consistent design:

Modular construction
Created via drag-and-drop
11 modules to choose from:
Title, footer, bars, lines, KPI, bullet graphs, pie, table
Freely selectable tile layouts
Variabilization via”wildcards”
Fully script enabled
Design is oriented to SAP Fiori (LAVA)

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Our graphomate extensions for SAP Lumira Designer are also available for evaluation. Use our contact form to specify which extensions you would like to try.

Our demo versions are limited in time, but without any technical limitation. So you can get a comprehensive picture.

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Online Documentation

Here you can find the detailed manual for our extension graphomate tiles for SAP Lumira Designer and also the scripting documentation.

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