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Our extensions at a glance

Our extensions for meaningful information design

Currently we have 10 extensions published. This allows you to visualize your data beyond build-in standard visualization components and make them more understandable.

Our extensions are integrated into the SAP BI front-ends (SAP Lumira Designer, SAP Lumira Discovery, SAP BO Web Intelligence, SAP UI5) and Microsoft Excel by using open interfaces and also support scriptability in the host. This makes it possible to interactively control our extensions at runtime.

graphomate charts


graphomate charts offer 12 new types of diagrams and thereby the opportunity to present application-based information. Absolute and percentage deviation are calculated directly and are visualized per additional axis. A uniform notation can easily be deployed.

graphomate tables


With graphomate tables we provide a further component for SAP Design Studio which is also based on the IBCS rules for displaying informative tables. Tables have the big advantage that they represent lots of information in very limited space. They are perfectly suited for presentation of detailed data.

graphomate tiles


With our graphomate tiles extension, you can create individual tiles for your dashboard’s initial page with just a few mouse clicks. The modular approach makes it possible to design a “landing page” from 11 predefined tile modules – such as title, line, bar or KPI chart via mouse clicks.

graphomate bubbles


With our graphomate bubbles extensios we present a highly configurable visualization solution for this platform. The graphomate bubbles extension is suitable to map a portfolio of values for a small number of obects on two value axes. Up to 5 KPIs can be visualized for approximately two dozen bubbles.

graphomate bullet graphs


graphomate bullet graphs are a variation of the bar graph developed by Stephen Few in the middle of the last decade. We have implemented the full concept in our graphomate bullet graphs, supplemented by a few additions to integrate the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS).

graphomate legends


The graphomate legends component is an extension to display a customizable legend or key. The information displayed by the graphomate legends can be customized using so-called “wild cards”; together with the ability to change properties via scripting, the applicability goes far beyond an ordinary, static legend.

graphomate sparklines


graphomate sparklines provide a miniaturized visualization of multidimensional data over time. Interactive elements, such as spanning tooltips, as well as a zoom popup that shows all sparklines in the same context increase the comprehensibility of the sparklines concept by Edward Tufte.

graphomate slopegraphs


The graphomate slopegraphs are perfect to compare two states and show their (temporal) development at the same time. Edward Tufte defined the Slopegraphs already 1983 as table graphics.

graphomate treemaps


The graphomate treemaps visualize hierarchical structures as a set of nested rectangles. Ratios in size can be visualized clearly, because the area of the rectangles is proportional to the size of the data unit to be displayed.

graphomate trees


The graphomate trees allow the representation of hierarchies and structures. Additional key figures can be displayed over the size of the tree node. Various animated tree representations can be chosen.

graphomate trellis


The graphomate trellis extensins offers the possibility to explore your data by our own. No need for special queries, just go ahead an create your own charts.

graphomate lab


Our developers are constantly developing further extensions so that special presentations can also be visualized!

Want to Try Our Extensions?

All our extensions are also available for evaluation. Use our contact form to specify which extensions you would like to try.

Our demo versions are limited in time, but without any technical limitation. So you can get a comprehensive picture.

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