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A Good Overview Creates Added Value.

The Concept

Our extensions are based on the rules of good information design in order to create meaningful visualizations. A uniform visual language can create a great added value for any reporting.

Good Information Design

Pictures speak a thousand numbers

The communication of business data is still very table-oriented. Tables may depict data precisely, but do we see the story behind the lines and columns of numbers? Can we easily decipher patterns, trends or outliers? No!

And exactly here lies the strength of charts: visualizations enable decision makers to quickly assess the current situation.

Frequently though, this understanding is hampered by so-called “noise” (3D effects, too many colors etc.).

Good information design with graphomate add-ons

graphomate add-ons provide simple visualizations that are based on standards of good information design: no effects, no 3D, no unnecessary colors!

Consistent Visual Language

Show the same values the same way

Composers have been using a uniform visual language to capture tunes for generations. With this notation musicians – no matter what language they speak – are able to play a song together. The situation is similar with schematic diagrams whose standardized elements can be read by engineers.

We are convinced that this approach can be also successful for business management reportings: If the same content is always displayed in the same way, reports can be better understood and comprehended faster.

Thus, Rolf Hichert has established the proposal to show previous period values always in light grey, and actual values in black. Budget values are shown white with outlines and forecasts hatched.

Another simple rule: developments over time are visualized with horizontal category axes whereas comparisons of products or regions are shown vertically. In that way the reader immediately knows how to interpret the reporting.

Consistent visual language with graphomate add-ons

graphomate add-ons offer these and further possibilites to  create your own visual language – your own company notation.

Implementation of HICHERT®IBCS

Information instead of decoration

The name “Hichert” is currently omnipresent in the BI Scene – “Hichert charts” have almost become a synonym for meaningful visualizations. For seven years, Rolf Hichert has spread his rules of SUCCESS for good business communication around the world. His SUCCESS poster with the 119 rules can be downloaded here  for free.

With the aim of internationalizing these rules HICHERT+PARTNER recently published the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS).

IBCS is a further development of the rules of SUCCESS. Basically it is about a true and fair view in business communication by

reduction to the essentials
ongoing standardization for uniform visual language and
consistent structures and clear messages in business reporting.

realizable one-to-one with

our graphomate add-ons.

Simply drag-and-drop “Hichert” charts and tables in the dashboard, link them to an SAP data source – ready.


Certified Extensions

Proven Quality

zertifiziert_sappartnerAs SAP Application Development Partner we work closely together with SAP since 2011, in order to give our products the final technical polish.

Our graphomate charts add-on meets all requirements of good information design and is therefore certified by both SAP and the IBCS Association. The add-on can be used in Lumira Designer.

graphomate Extensions for SAP BI and Microsoft Excel

Make data easily visible







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