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Meaningful Diagrams in SAP BI.

graphomate charts for SAP BI

Meaningful Diagrams
graphomate charts offer twelve new types of diagrams and thereby the opportunity to present application-based information. Absolute and percentage deviation are calculated directly and are visualized per additional axis. A uniform notation can easily be deployed.

Easily create static reports and interactive dashboards in SAP BI according to IBCS-standards (Hichert@SUCCESS).

12 new chart types for SAP BI

  • Bar, line, needle, stacked and waterfall charts
  • Horizontal and vertical alignment
  • Visualize up to ten data series
  • Identical scaling for grouped elements
  • Suitable for all sizes — also mobile usage

Visualize deviations with a simple mouse click

  • Display of absolute and percentage deviations above or beside each chart type
  • Deviations are calculated directly from data series
  • Number of deviation charts is unlimited
  • Perfect for target-actual, forecast-actual or other deviations

Identical Scaling of Charts

  • Scale several charts identically with a single mouse click
  • Can be set via script
  • Values are always visually comparable
  • No distorted views
  • Interoperably usable (graphomate charts, graphomate tables, graphomate tiles, graphomate bullet graphs)

Data-driven formatting for single chart elements

  • Central specifications of appearance of individual chart elements
  • Implicit transfer also on deviation charts
  • Simple assignment of formats – even by scripting language
  • Central definition of an enterprise-wide notation possible
  • Axis position of the elements definable


  • Labels on axes and/or data series
  • Highlighting of differences between two elements
  • Value axis as an alternative to data labels on elements
  • Separators
  • Scaling helper

Context Menu and Export to EXCEL

  • simple, interactive filtering and hierarchical navigation by means of context menu
  • context menu is extensible via script
  • export of charts and data to Excel
  • further processing in Excel or Powerpoint possible

Here you can find the detailed manual for our extension graphomate charts for SAP Lumira Designer and also the scripting documentation.

Our license fees are based on the amount of users. We do not distinguish between report designers and viewers: users are recipients of reports with design access, i.e. they can create reports as well as view them.

Volume discounts are applied. Further package discounts are possible if several extensions are purchased.

There are onetime licences with an additional yearly support fee of 20% on the net licence total and also annual licences with included support for a smaller amount of users.

The support fee guarantees that you will get access to the support desk to answer any questions and problems quickly and easily as well as new release versions at a regular cycle.

graphomate charts for SAP Lumira Designer
Price on request

Want to try our extensions?

Test our graphomate charts extension for free and discover the benefits for yourself.
Although our demo version can only be used for a limited time, it includes the full range of features, so that you can get a thorough idea.

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