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Vizualisation: the bikini chart

  • 12. August 2013

It is hot, real hot, so the bikini once more enjoys great popularity. A good time to take a closer look at the Bikini Chart. A blog post on the eagereyes website from last year, called "The Bikini Chart", still…

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Visualization: depressive diagrams

This infographic taken from the German newspaper “Die Welt kompakt” did cause me some mental stress. It tries to explain who actually earns money with depressions – the pharmaceutical industry. Take a look at my quickly developed remedy. In order…

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Visualization: My breakfast in Spain

  • 6. Dezember 2012

I had the pleasure to roam about Madrid last month as I was attending the SAP TechEd, trying to keep myself informed about the newest developments at SAP. My hotel only offered Spanish newspapers as reading material during breakfast. It…

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Simplify: Dashboards and Alcohol

  • 11. November 2012

It was pretty quiet here the last few months: too much going on, not enough spare time! That will change again. Now I am proud to announce the first guest post on this blog. Wonderful entry! Thanks, Manu. Imagine you had…

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Visualization: Efficient Dashboard Design (1/2)

Donald MacCormick – long-time -Xcelsius aficionado at Business Objects and now Chief Product and Marketing Officer at antivia – has recently published a post about „Effective Visual Design” and its meaning for Dashboards. According to his opinion, there is something…

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