Graphomate Twitters In Design Studio

graphomate twitters in Design Studio

While the popularity of social networks was increasing extremely over the last decade, companies decided to use them as a platform to advertise their products. There are many techniques for analyzing how the users consume social media content, but less…

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Festive Creation Of Legends

Festive Creation of Legends

Christmas and its legends are right around the corner. A good time to give away our new legends: the graphomate legends. Among others, Christmas legends revolve around immaculate conception, the road to Bethlehem, angels, and three kings. But there are…

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I Prefer Calculating

I prefer calculating

Pie charts are a popular target for many supposed visualization experts. And that is how it should be! However, this guest post by Manuel Sedlak sheds some new light on the pie chart. In literature pie charts are often criticized and described as…

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From Gauges To Bullet Graphs

From gauges to bullet graphs

Speedometer or gauges are still often used in dashboards to display Key Performance Indicators (KPI). But gauges use lots of space and are not very informative. The graphomate bullet graphs therefore offer an alternative for SAP Business Objects Design Studio. Especially…

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