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Our website is currently being comprehensively updated. Therefore the english content is very limited at the moment. You can contact us for any questions or requesting trial versions of our extensions.

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Our extensions help you to visualize and understand your data, so that you directly find the answers in your reports.
We offer different extensions for SAP BI and Microsoft Excel.

Extensions Try

[SAP Design Studio]

  • graphomate charts
  • graphomate tables
  • graphomate tiles
  • graphomate bullet graphs
  • graphomate treemaps
  • graphomate legends *FREE*

[SAP Lumira]

  • graphomate charts *FREE*

[Microsoft Excel]

  • graphomate charts
Extensions Soon

[SAP Design Studio]

  • graphomate bubbles
  • graphomate horizon charts
  • graphomate slopegraphs
  • graphomate sparklines
  • graphomate trees
  • graphomate trellis

[SAP Lumira]

  • graphomate charts *FULL*
  • graphomate bullet graphs

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